Monday, 10 December 2018

How to use Circular Profiles in CATIA V5?

Circular Profiles in CATIA V5: Circular Profiles plays a vital role in the field of design to draw circular sketches. Circular profiles contain Circle, Three Point Circle, Tri-Tangent Circle etc. By the use of these circles, we can sketch a part or a model with the help of a sketch. In this article, I am going to explain the usage of Circular Profiles in CATIA V5 in a detailed manner. The step by step procedure is to be needed to adopt the usage of Circular Profiles in CATIA V5 and is as follows.

Circular Profiles in CATIA V5-Procedure:

  • Out of these 3 types of circles, The first “circle” option is used to draw any type of part in the design. The Explanation of Circular Profiles is discussed as follows.
  • Circle: Draws the circle of required diameter.
  • Three-Point Circle: Draw a straight line with two centers and draw a circle of required diameter.
  • Tri-tangent Circle: Draw three lines and select them then there exists Tri-Tangent Circle.


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