Monday, 10 December 2018

How to use PAD Feature in CATIA V5?

PAD Feature in CATIA V5: In any design industry, the sketch is to be converted into a model in order to define its properties in a 3D structure.PAD is one of the tools which is used to convert a sketch into a model. In this article, I am going to explain the usage of PAD Feature in CATIA V5 in a detailed manner. The step by step procedure is to be needed to adopt the usage of PAD Feature in CATIA V5 and is as follows.

PAD Feature in CATIA V5-Procedure:

“PAD” is a tool which is used to extrude the given component i.e a sketch is converted into a part.
To use PAD feature,
  • Go to START-Mechanical Design-Part Design.
  • Then a page opens with the title Part 1.
  • Now, sketch a model with the specified dimensions.
  • Then click on PAD feature which asks for required depth.
  • Provide the depth, so that the sketch can be extruded and that can be converted to a part.



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