Monday, 10 December 2018

How to use Symmetry Constraint In CATIA V5?

Symmetry Constraint In CATIA V5: Symmetry constraints play a vital role in the field of design to model complex structures. With the help of symmetry constraint, a lot of time is being saved while sketching or modeling any complex drawing. Here in this article, I will show you about how to use Symmetry Constraint In CATIA V5. The detailed procedure about the usage of symmetry constraint in CATIA V5 is shown below in the form of text and video.

Explanation of symmetry constraint:

Symmetry Constraint can be used in the cases where there is a need of symmetry in the objects sketched or modeled. The step by step procedure is to be adopted for the usage of Symmetry Constraint In CATIA V5.

Procedure for Symmetry Constraint:

To understand the Symmetry Constraint,
  • Firstly draw a component in the Sketcher.
  • If you want the exact sketch on any side of the plane, then draw an Axis or a Line and say Symmetry option.
  • Then, as it is the component can be shifted to another side of the Axis or Line mentioned.
  • You can make the symmetry of the component completely or partially.
  • For it, Go to  “Insert-Operation-Transformation-Symmetry” and that’s it the model will be generated.


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