Monday, 10 December 2018

How to use Reference Planes in CATIA V5?

Reference Planes in CATIA V5: Reference planes play a vital role in the field of design. We need reference planes when there is a need to draw or sketch a model having the highest complexity. For example, a flower flask is sketched by the use of reference planes because of their irregular contour shapes. In this tutorial, I am going to explain how to use Reference Planes in CATIA V5.

Definition of Reference Planes:

reference plane is a plane in 3D space used as the workspace for drawing and the basis for other interactive actions. The initial reference plane is the XY plane. The reference plane may be any one of the three Cartesian planes (XY, YZ, ZX).

Explanation of Reference planes:

Normally in one plane, we can sketch one component but, by the combination of more than one planes, we can sketch a complex component in such a way that the surfaces of the object in different planes are added by means of a common point and that can be possible by the use of reference planes.
The procedure is to be adopted to sketch or model the Reference Planes in CATIA V5 and is shown below.
      To generate a complex component by the use of reference planes, go to
  • Shape-Generative Shape Design-Click on ‘Plane’ option which is present in the tools section.
  • A pop-up box opens regarding the plane definition and chooses any plane(let it be XY Plane).
  • Provide the distance and no.of instances.
  • No of instances resembles the no of reference planes to be chosen to draw a complex component. 


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