Monday, 10 December 2018

How to use Rotate Constraint in CATIA V5?

Rotate Constraint in CATIA V5: Rotate constraint is used to rotate the component by using the number of instances in CATIA V5. We can do ‘n’ number of rotations of any circular component with the help of rotate constraint. In this article, I am going to explain the usage of Rotate Constraint in CATIA V5 in a detailed manner. The step by step procedure is to be needed to adopt the usage of Rotate Constraint in CATIA V5 and is as follows.

Rotate Constraint in CATIA V5-Procedure:

To use Rotate Constraint in CATIA V5,
  • Select any plane( Say XY Plane).
  • Draw a circle with the given specifications.
  • Now go to Insert-Operation-Transformation-Rotate.
  • Then a dialogue box appears, On/Off the Duplicate Mode and give the number of instances (say it as 6).
  • Now click on the end of the circle.    
  • That’s it…..the circle with the no of instances given will be rotated w.r.t the end point of the circle.


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