Monday, 10 December 2018

How to Customize Environment in CATIA V5?

Customize Environment in CATIA V5: In order to sketch a model, there is a need to know the features(Tools) present in CATIA which can be helpful to construct a geometry. Therefore we should have to customize the environment of CATIA to meet the design requirements. In this article, I am going to publish about How to Customize the Environment in CATIA V5 in an effective manner.

Customization involves changing the background color, Font Color, Font Style etc. To know how to Customize the environment in CATIA V5, a step by step procedure is required.

Customize Environment in CATIA V5-Procedure:

  • Go to Tools which is present on the top side of the title bar and click on Options.
  • A dialogue box opens and clicks the appropriate one.
  • The dialogue box consists of
    • General
    • Display
    • Compatibility
    • Parameters and Measure
    • Devices and Virtual Reality
    • Mechanical Design
    • Shape
    • Analysis and Simulation
    • Machining Simulation etc.
  • Choose Display as an option and click on Visualization. Then you can get a dialogue box where we can change the
    • Background color,
    • Selected elements
    • Selected Edges
    • Pre-selected Elements
    • Pre-selected Element line type
    • Low-intensity elements
    • Update needed
    • Handles
    • Surface boundaries etc.


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